Why Support Our Organization

Our Unique Combination of Education and Mentoring Makes the Difference

Knowledge empowers people to change. We offer a variety of tools in our programs to provide education and training based on a client’s unique abilities, skills, interests and circumstances. We offer help in:

  • Vocational training
  • Job placement
  • Skill enhancement
  • Educational training

Mentoring is the second key component of our success. Our clients are given direction by local mentors and assistants until their desired goals are met. Clients are taught true and tested principles of self-reliance combined with measured expectations of hard work to achieve results

  • We teach the proven principles that it takes to break the poverty cycle and become self-reliant. Without this communities can not change sustainably.
  • By provide sustained direction and support, our mentors cultivate a community that lifts everyone in it.

Effective and Efficient Operations

Our organization has been operating for over 15 years. We’ve developed lean operations and dollar for dollar we are the most effective and efficient organization that builds lasting self-reliance and generational temporal change. If empowering people to get out of poverty is your interest, we will make your dollars go further and father than anyone else can.

  • Proven Results – we have proven track record of success having lifting thousands of families from poverty.
  • Measured Success – We carefully measure the success and efforts of each client, which keeps our focus on helping them get results.

We Integrate Locally and Empower Sustainable Success

We introduce and integrate clients with local community leaders, businesses, churches, schools, resource centers, and financial institutions for career building opportunities.

We Focus on Strengthening Families First

Financial hardships cause weakness and separation in the home.  The principles taught allow families to unify and work together for success, making a temporal as well as emotional impact.

See what our community has to say about their involvement:

“I am involved with Cause for Hope – One Life at a Time because I believe that one of the greatest needs in the world is for individuals and families to receive opportunities for education and to learn and practice principles of self-reliance. In doing so, lives are changed as cycles of poverty are broken and replaced with self-reliance practices and new opportunities that are passed down to rising generations. I have been to Central America and have met with both participants and administrators there. I have seen first-hand the unique and powerful way in which we are blessing and changing lives by providing such opportunities for these wonderful people. I would like to see thousands, even millions more experience the same.” Brody Holbrook

Executive Committee Member