What We Do

Cause for Hope pursues its objective of building self-reliance for individuals and families through multiple, yet closely related programs. These tools help a client achieve self-sufficiency according to their own abilities, interests and circumstances. The key measurement of success is increasing a family’s income and savings through our Mentoring process through our local managers.


Monthly visits to our clients help to ensure that true positive change is in effect. As a client receives the proper direction and support, CFH is able to track progress in revenues, sales, income and savings. CFH has become the most efficient organization in bringing about change and measured results. Learn More.

Small Business Training

CFH has learned that success rates increase dramatically when individuals receive training on business fundamentals and entrepreneurship. Hence CFH has also adopted and provides training on business fundamentals using a course called MEN (Mejoramiento de Negocios ya existentes). Learn More.

Vocational Loans and Training

Usually the difference between unemployment and finding a job is having some type of marketable skill. CFH uses various avenues to assist individuals in obtaining vocational skills by assisting individuals in applying to and being accepted in vocational and educational institutions. CFH also provides computers and English skill training at the foundation’s offices. Learn More.

Economic Development and Job Training

In many places in Latin America the poverty is so widespread and pervasive that it is difficult for families to lift themselves out of poverty. In those instances, an additional boost is needed to help the local individuals. CFH seeks successful United States business partners to expand into Latin America to help others through business micro enterprise training, personal development skills, and strengthening local businesses within the local community. Although CFH does not own or operate these businesses, it does assist and facilitate business partners in making this move into Latin America. Learn More.


There are many success stories of families that have been helped via microcredit loans and small business training. Microcredit lending has been used in developing countries for many years. CFH leverages its knowledge and resources by partnering with other institutions, such as FINCA, that have a proven track record of success in this area. Learn More About Microcredit.

Job Placement

Cause For Hope works with local resource centers and to seek opportunities for clients. Training is provided to prepare resumés and to ready a client for the interview process of a prospective job opportunity. Learn More.